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You will be amazed by the intense scent and the creamy texture of this coffee brewed by Kamira. Our innovative espresso maker preserves and intensifies the aroma of any blend, making a full flavoured, rich in fragrance and creamy coffee. Kamira is the perfect solution for families! It works on any stove, so it is also ideal for travel, camping and boating. Kamira is made of stainless steel, because it is designed to last in time and to be recycled. If you leave it on the fire for about 30- 40 seconds, you will obtain a short or long coffee based on your personal taste.


Kamira is the answer to Nino Santoro’s question “why isn’t it possible to make a good coffee on the stove?”. Kamira is a home-made solution to drink a good and creamy Italian coffee at home or at work.


Kamira is made of stainless steel with no electronic component; it is easy to use and entirely recyclable. Our innovative coffee machine is designed to last in time. In fact, it does not have any valves or seals on the inside. Kamira is 22 high and 14cm wide, with a weight of 1,3kg. If cold, it takes 60-90 second to make a coffee, while when it is hot, it takes only 30-40 seconds to work.

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